Zeigyi Lower Market is the area around Lower Main Rd extending west to Strand Rd in the central part of town. It is where "People's Market No. 1" used to stand before a huge fire razed the area in December 2008 destroying every stall in the area. The fire was so intense that it continued to burn over night and was finally extinguished the next day. Many stall owners were injured when they tried to save their goods in fighting the fire and were admitted to the local hospital.

            In late January 2009, work on rebuilding the southern end of Zeigyi Lower market started and a number of stalls were back up and running again selling the usual dry goods that the original market held.The northern end however was cleared making way for the development of a new, modern two storey market place.

            In mid 2009 however, the south end of the market was closed to allow this area to be included in the redevelopment of the market that had begun in the north end. The development will change the façade of Zeigyi Au Zei, however the numerous thoun bein and le bein vehicles that park outside of the market will continue to occupy their same position that they have been well accustomed to over the years.

            In December 2009, work on the new Zeigyi Market No 1 has completed with a number of stalls now opened for business. A few stall owners from the upper market have relocated here, as well as those who had stalls here before the December 2008 fire.